PSG Culture List

The PSG Culture List has become "The Bible" for referencing phasmids (stick- and leaf-insects) by an indexed number - their PSG number. It contains all species that have been brought into culture in the UK and have, therefore, become available to PSG members. Some species unfortunately were lost from culture, so we now wait until species are well established before adding them to this list. If you have a species that you would like added to this list, please contact the PSG Chairman, Judith Marshall. For further details on this list, see our notes.

If you are more interested in species that are in culture in mainland Europe, please visit our sister organisation,

PSG No Species Images Subfamily Locality Culture Status Repro-duction Female Size (mm) Male Size (mm) Wings Previous Names
81 Acanthoxyla inermis Salmon, 1955 Phasmatinae New Zealand & UK In culture Parth. 90
82 Rhaphiderus spiniger (Lucas, 1863) Tropidoderinae La Reunion In culture Sexual 75 60 Rhaphiderus scabrosus, Rhaphiderus spinigerus
83 Rhaphiderus scabrosus (Percheron, 1829) Tropidoderinae Mauritius In culture Sexual 95 70 Rhaphiderus alliaceus
84 Oreophoetes peruana peruana (Saussure, 1868) Diapheromerinae Peru In culture Sexual 60 55 Wingless
85 Pseudophasma rufipes (Redtenbacher, 1906) Pseudophasmatinae Peru In culture Parth. in culture, Sexual in wild 75 50 Can fly or glide Paraphasma rufipes
86 Dyme rarospinosa Brunner, 1907 Diapheromerinae Peru Sexual 80 65
87 Parocnophila latirostrata Zompro, 2001 Diapheromerinae Peru Lost from culture Sexual Libethra sp.
88 Necroscia sp. Necrosciinae Sulawesi Lost from culture Sexual Can fly or glide
89 Planososibia parvipennis (Stål, 1877) Necrosciinae Philippines In culture Sexual 75 50 Can fly or glide
90 Rhamphosipyloidea gorkomi (Hausleithner, 1990) Necrosciinae Philippines Lost from culture Sexual 100 60
91 SAME AS PSG 45. - -
92 Acanthomenexenus exiguus alienigera (Günther, 1938) Lonchodinae Sulawesi Lost from culture Sexual 50 35 Menexenus exiguus alienigena
93 Lonchodes sp. Lonchodinae India Lost from culture Sexual
94 Cuniculina insignis (Wood-Mason, 1873) Clitumninae India Sexual 195 115 Wingless Baculum insignis
95 Ramulus frustrans (Brunner, 1907) Clitumninae India Lost from culture Sexual 92 Wingless Baculum frustrans
96 Menexenus nudiusculus Hausleithner, 1992 Lonchodinae India Lost from culture Sexual 70 55 Menexenus sp.
97 Diapheromera (Diapheromera) arizonensis Caudell, 1903 Diapheromerinae USA Lost from culture Sexual 76 Diapheromera arizonensis
98 Parabacillus hesperus Hebard, 1934 Heteronemiinae USA Lost from culture Parth. 75 50 Wingless
99 Epidares nolimetangere (de Haan, 1842) Dataminae Sarawak In culture Sexual 45 35
100 Staelonchodes amaurops (Westwood, 1859) Lonchodinae Sarawak In culture Sexual 100 80 Wingless