Phasmid Serial Publications

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Prior to the formation of the Phasmid Study Group in 1980 there were no regular publications specialising in Phasmids. By the mid 1990s there were four specialist serial publications running: two in English, one in French, and one in Dutch. Three of these are still being published.

Below is a brief outline of the history of each. The links will take you to pages with more detailed information about these publications.

Phasmid Study Group Newsletter

ISSN 2068-3806

Established in early 1980, the PSG Newsletter was produced four times per year. The Newsletter grew in size, and in March 1992 when the existing editors retired, the Newsletter was split into two publications. The PSG Newsletter continued, but larger articles were published in the newly formed Phasmid Studies publication.

The first issue of the PSG Newsleet did not have a title (although it carried a Phasmid Study Group Logo); the title of the Newsletter first appeared with issue number 2. The first dated issue was Newsletter 6 which was published on 18th March 1981. Issue 7 was also undated and from issue 8 onwards each issue was dated with the month and the year of publication. The Newsletter was produced on a typewriter until issue 50 in March 1992, thereafter it was produced on a computer. The publication has always been A4 in size. Printing was done by photocopying or similar methods until issue 105 in 2006 when printing was contracted to a professional printing firm.  Read more about the history of the PSG Newsletter.

Phasmid Studies

ISSN 0966-0011 (print) & ISSN 1750-3329 (online)

Phasmid Studies was established in 1992 by splitting the Phasmid Study Group Newsletter (see above). From the outset it was produced in A4 size to accommodate illustrations of large Phasmids. The first issue was published in June 1992. In theory one volume is produced in two parts per year but in some years the two parts have been combined because of a shortage of material and a desire to keep postage costs down. Phasmid Studies was produced in printed form only and sent to all PSG members until 2006. However, since this date for financial reasons, it has been published online and in print with printed copies issued free to PSG members who request them. Colour illustrations have been accepted since 2006. You can read about the history of Phasmid Studies, or download back issues of Phasmid Studies.


ISSN 1381-3420

Dutch and Belgian members of the PSG formed a group called "Phasma" and in early 1991 began publishing a newsletter of the same name. It is published in Dutch and produced four times per year. The first issue was undated and issue 2, published in May 1991, was dated. Issues 1 and 2 were in A4 format, issues 3-30 were A5 booklets, and all issues from 31 onwards have been A4 format. You can read about the history of Phasma and from that page you can download the index to the first ten years of the newsletter and find a link to a page where you can download some back issues.

Le Monde des Phasmes

ISSN 1152-9911

This was published in French by the Groupe d'Etude des Phasmes (GEP) from 1988 to 1996. The GEP was a French organisation based on similar lines to the PSG, several of the founding members of the GEP were PSG members. "Le Monde des Phasmes" was produced four times per year. Early issues had rather erratic page numbering because several different people were doing the typing in each issue. It was produced in A4 size and issues 1-16 were photocopied. The publication was professionally printed rom issue 17 onwards.

Publication ceased in 1996 after the GEP ran into financial problems. You can find out more about the history of Le Monde des Phasmes and download back issues.