PSG Culture List

The PSG Culture List has become "The Bible" for referencing phasmids (stick- and leaf-insects) by an indexed number - their PSG number. It contains all species that have been brought into culture in the UK and have, therefore, become available to PSG members. Some species unfortunately were lost from culture, so we now wait until species are well established before adding them to this list. If you have a species that you would like added to this list, please contact the PSG Chairman, Judith Marshall. For further details on this list, see our notes.

If you are more interested in species that are in culture in mainland Europe, please visit our sister organisation,

PSG No Species Images Subfamily Locality Culture Status Repro-duction Female Size (mm) Male Size (mm) Wings Previous Names
101 Lamponius guerini (Saussure, 1868) Cladomorphinae Guadeloupe In culture Sexual 90 70 Wingless
102 Clonaria sp. Pachymorphinae Burundi Lost from culture Sexual 60 50 Gratidia sp., Ramulus sp.
103 Sipyloidea sp. "THAILAND 8" Necrosciinae Thailand In culture Sexual 95 65 Can fly or glide
104 Phaenopharos herwaardeni Hennemann, Conle & Bruckner, 1996 Necrosciinae Thailand In culture Sexual 115 90 Wings but cannot fly/glide
105 Parapachymorpha spinosa (Brunner, 1893) Clitumninae Thailand In culture Sexual 65 50 Wingless
106 Oncotophasma martini (Griffini, 1896) Diapheromerinae Costa Rica Lost from culture Sexual 75 70
107 Bacillus lynceorum Bullini et al., 1984 Bacillinae Sicily In culture Parth. 85
108 Bacillus whitei Nascetti & Bullini, 1981 Bacillinae Sicily In culture Parth. 105
109 Lonchodes abbreviatus (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Sarawak Lost from culture Sexual 115 75 Wingless Carausius abbreviatus
110 Hoploclonia gecko (Westwood, 1859) Obriminae Sarawak Sexual 40 30
111 Eurycantha insularis Lucas, 1869 Lonchodinae - see Bradler et al. 2014 New Guinea In culture Sexual 115 85 Wingless Eurycantha coriacea
112 Haaniella erringtoniae (Redtenbacher, 1906) Heteropteryginae West Malaysia In culture Sexual 110 75 Wings but cannot fly/glide Heteropteryx erringtoniae, Haaniella muelleri erringtoniae
113 Dyme sp. Diapheromerinae Ecuador In culture Sexual 115 Wingless
114 Ramulus sp. "THAILAND 2" Clitumninae Thailand Lost from culture Sexual 70 65 Baculum sp.
115 Lopaphus ? sp. "THAILAND 6" Necrosciinae Thailand Sexual 95 75 Wings but cannot fly/glide Paramyronides sp. ?
116 Pseudophasma bispinosum (Redtenbacher, 1906) Pseudophasmatinae Ecuador In culture Sexual 70 55 Can fly or glide Pseudophasma sp.
117 Dares ulula (Westwood, 1859) Dataminae Sarawak In culture Sexual 45 40 Wingless
118 Aretaon asperrimus (Redtenbacher, 1906) Obriminae Sabah In culture Sexual 80 55
119 SAME AS PSG 39 - -
120 Carausius cristatus Brunner, 1907 Lonchodinae Sabah Sexual 110 85