PSG Culture List

The PSG Culture List has become "The Bible" for referencing phasmids (stick- and leaf-insects) by an indexed number - their PSG number. It contains all species that have been brought into culture in the UK and have, therefore, become available to PSG members. Some species unfortunately were lost from culture, so we now wait until species are well established before adding them to this list. If you have a species that you would like added to this list, please contact the PSG Chairman, Judith Marshall. For further details on this list, see our notes.

If you are more interested in species that are in culture in mainland Europe, please visit our sister organisation,

PSG No Species Images Subfamily Locality Culture Status Repro-duction Female Size (mm) Male Size (mm) Wings Previous Names
161 Phenacephorus sepilokensis Bragg, 1994 Lonchodinae Sabah Lost from culture Parth. in culture, Sexual in wild 100 Wingless
162 Lonchodes auriculatus (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Brunei In culture Sexual 85 65 Wingless Phenacephorus auriculatus
163 Sipyloidea larryi Brock & Hasenpusch, 2007 Necrosciinae Australia In culture Sexual 80 60 Can fly or glide
164 Parapachymorpha spinigera (Brunner, 1907) Clitumninae Vietnam In culture Sexual 70 68 Wingless Parapachymorpha quadrispinosa
165 Hoploclonia abercrombiei Bragg, 1995 Obriminae Sarawak In culture Sexual 50 35 Wingless
166 Dinophasma saginatum (Redtenbacher, 1906) Aschiphasmatinae Sarawak In culture Sexual 65 45 Can fly or glide
167 Hermarchus novaebritanniae (Wood-Mason, 1877) Stephanacridini - see Hennemann & Conle, 2008 Fiji Sexual 95 Can fly or glide
168 Clonistria bartholomaea Stål, 1875 Diapheromerinae Grenada Sexual 90 60 Wingless
169 Mnesilochus capreolus Stål, 1877 Lonchodinae Philippines In culture Sexual 105 90 Wingless Lonchodes mindanaensis
170 Phanocloidea muricata (Burmeister, 1838) Diapheromerinae French Guiana In culture Sexual 180 145 Wingless
171 Rhynchacris ornata Redtenbacher, 1908 Cladomorphinae Costa Rica In culture Sexual 55 45 Wingless
172 Bacillus grandii grandii Nascetti & Bullini, 1981 Bacillinae Sicily Sexual 80 55 Wingless
173 Neohirasea sp. Lonchodinae Vietnam In culture Sexual 80 65 Wingless Neohirasea maerens
174 Lopaphus sphalerus (Redtenbacher, 1908) Necrosciinae Vietnam In culture Sexual 120 80 Can fly or glide Lopaphus caesius
175 Diesbachia tamyris (Westwood, 1859) Necrosciinae Sumatra In culture Sexual 105 85 Can fly or glide
176 Staelonchodes geniculatus (Gray, 1835) Lonchodinae Singapore Lost from culture Sexual 120 90 Wingless Lonchodes geniculatus
177 Haaniella saussurei Kirby, 1904 Heteropteryginae Sarawak In culture Sexual 120 80 Wings but cannot fly/glide
178 Clonistria sp. Diapheromerinae St Lucia Sexual 95 65 Wingless
179 Clonaria fritzschei (Zompro, 2000) Pachymorphinae Thailand In culture Sexual 75 65 Wingless Gratidia sp., Gratidia fritzchei
180 Stheneboea malaya Stål, 1875 Lonchodinae Singapore Lost from culture Sexual 95 75 Wingless