PSG Culture List

The PSG Culture List has become "The Bible" for referencing phasmids (stick- and leaf-insects) by an indexed number - their PSG number. It contains all species that have been brought into culture in the UK and have, therefore, become available to PSG members. Some species unfortunately were lost from culture, so we now wait until species are well established before adding them to this list. If you have a species that you would like added to this list, please contact the PSG Chairman, Judith Marshall. For further details on this list, see our notes.

If you are more interested in species that are in culture in mainland Europe, please visit our sister organisation,

PSG No Species Images Subfamily Locality Culture Status Repro-duction Female Size (mm) Male Size (mm) Wings Previous Names
181 Hermagoras cultratolobatus (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Brunei & Sabah In culture Sexual 130 100 Wingless Lonchodes cultratolobatus, Lonchodes hosei herberti
182 Oxyartes lamellatus Kirby, 1904 Necrosciinae Vietnam In culture Sexual 105 90 Wings but cannot fly/glide Oxyartes honestus
183 Sceptrophasma hispidulum (Wood-Mason, 1873) Pachymorphinae Andaman Islands In culture Sexual 70 60 Wingless
184 unidentified. Necrosciinae Andaman Islands Sexual 75 55 Can fly or glide
185 Neohirasea sp. Cuc Phuong Necrosciinae N Vietnam In culture Sexual 65 50 Wingless
186 Chondrostethus woodfordi Kirby, 1896 Lonchodinae Solomon Islands In culture Sexual 95 60 Wingless
187 Creoxylus hagani Redtenbacher, 1906 Xerosomatinae Venezuela Lost from culture Sexual 70 60 Can fly or glide
188 Oxyartes spinipennis Carl, 1913 Necrosciinae Vietnam In culture Sexual 100 85 Wings but cannot fly/glide
189 Pseudophasma acanthonotus (Redtenbacher, 1906) Pseudophasmatinae Venezuela In culture Sexual 75 55 Can fly or glide
190 Phasma reinwardtii de Haan, 1842 Phasmatinae New Guinea In culture Sexual 190 115 Can fly or glide Phasma gigas
191 Urucumania borellii (Giglio-Tos, 1897) Pseudophasmatinae Paraguay In culture Sexual 55 40 Wingless Anisomorpha sp.
192 Orestes mouhotii (Bates, 1865) Dataminae Thailand & Malaysia In culture Parth. 50 40 Wingless
193 Tropidoderus childrenii (Gray, 1833) Tropidoderinae Australia Sexual 140 120 Can fly or glide
194 Rhamphophasma spinicorne (Stål, 1875) Clitumninae Bangladesh In culture Sexual 80 70 Wingless
195 Sungaya inexpectata Zompro, 1996 Obriminae Philippines In culture Parth. 80 Wingless
196 Baculofractum insigne (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Sumatra In culture Sexual 140 110 Wings but cannot fly/glide
197 Tirachoidea siamensis Hennemann & Conle, 2008 Clitumninae Thailand Sexual 235 Wings but cannot fly/glide Pharnacia westwoodii
198 Anisomorpha ferruginea (Beauvois, 1821) Pseudophasmatinae USA? In culture Sexual 50 30 Wingless
199 Hoploclonia cuspidata Redtenbacher, 1906 Obriminae Brunei In culture Sexual 50 30 Wingless
200 Staelonchodes malleti (Bragg, 2001) Lonchodinae Sabah In culture Sexual 125 90 Wingless Lonchodes malleti