PSG Culture List

The PSG Culture List has become "The Bible" for referencing phasmids (stick- and leaf-insects) by an indexed number - their PSG number. It contains all species that have been brought into culture in the UK and have, therefore, become available to PSG members. Some species unfortunately were lost from culture, so we now wait until species are well established before adding them to this list. If you have a species that you would like added to this list, please contact the PSG Chairman, Judith Marshall. For further details on this list, see our notes.

If you are more interested in species that are in culture in mainland Europe, please visit our sister organisation,

PSG No Species Images Subfamily Locality Culture Status Repro-duction Female Size (mm) Male Size (mm) Wings Previous Names
21 Extatosoma popa (Stål, 1875) Extatosomatinae Papua New Guinea, Morobe Province Lost from culture Sexual 160 85
22 Ramulus thaii (Hausleithner, 1985) Clitumninae Thailand In culture Sexual 110 80 Wingless Baculum thaii
23 Eurycantha calcarata (Lucas, 1869) Lonchodinae - see Bradler et al. 2014 Papua New Guinea In culture Sexual 125 100 Wingless
24 SAME AS PSG 5. - -
25 Phobaeticus serratipes (Gray, 1835) Clitumninae Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra In culture Sexual 250 150 Can fly or glide Pharnacia serratipes, Pharnacia acanthopus
26 Haaniella echinata (Redtenbacher, 1906) Heteropteryginae Brunei, Kalimantan, Sabah, Sarawak In culture Sexual 110 80 Wings but cannot fly/glide
27 Lonchodes chani (Hausleithner, 1991) Lonchodinae Sabah, Kalimantan In culture Sexual 110 75 Wingless Carausius sanguineoligatus
28 Eurycnema versirubra (Audinet-Serville, 1838) Phasmatinae West Malaysia Lost from culture Parth. in culture, Sexual in wild 185 110 Can fly or glide Eurycnema herculeana
29 Hermagoras imitator (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Sabah, Sarawak Probably lost from culture Sexual 120 90 Wingless Lonchodes hosei, Lonchodes imitator, Mnesilochus imitator
30 Pharnacia sumatrana (Brunner, 1907) Clitumninae Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra In culture Sexual 210 145 Males only winged Tirachoidea cantori (misidentification)
31 Creoxylus spinosus (Fabricius, 1775) Xerosomatinae Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, French Guiana In culture Sexual 55 50 Males only winged
32 Ocnophiloidea regularis (Brunner, 1907) Diapheromerinae Trinidad & Tobago In culture Sexual 50 45 Wingless Libethra regularis
33 Same as PSG.6 , 0 Phasmatinae New Zealand Lost from culture Sexual 90 Wingless Acanthoxyla intermedia is a synonym of A. prasina
34 Tectarchus huttoni (Brunner, 1907) Pachymorphinae New Zealand Lost from culture Sexual 60 42 Wingless Tectarchus diversus
35 Diapheromera (Diapheromera) femorata (Say, 1824) Diapheromerinae USA & Canada Tentative culture Sexual 75 65 Wingless Diapheromera femorata
36 Hermagoras hosei (Kirby, 1896) Lonchodinae Sarawak Lost from culture Sexual 130 85 Wingless Lonchodes haematomus, Lonchodes hosei
37 Lopaphus perakensis (Redtenbacher, 1908) Necrosciinae West Malaysia Probably lost from culture Sexual 90 70 Wingless Paramyronides perakensis, 'red mouth'
38 Dares validispinus Stål, 1875 Dataminae Sabah, Sarawak & Brunei In culture Sexual 45 38 Wingless
39 Lonchodes jejunus (Brunner, 1907) Lonchodinae Sarawak Tentative culture Sexual 130 100 Wingless Lonchodes uniformis
40 Lopaphus nanoalatus Brock, 1999 "MICROWINGS" Necrosciinae Peninsular Malaysia Lost from culture Sexual Wings but cannot fly/glide unidentified “microwings”