PAUL BROCK – phasmid books

Brock, P.D. 1985 & 1992 - See 2003 entry.

Brock, P. 1991. Stick Insects of Britain, Europe and the Mediterranean. Fitzgerald Publishing, London (ISBN 0951093983). A comprehensive, well illustrated guide for the collector, or anyone looking for these insects. 50 pages, with one colour plate, hardback, spiral bound.

Brock, P.D. 1998. Catalogue of type specimens of Stick- and Leaf-insects in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (Insecta: Phasmida). Kataloge der wissenschaftlichen-Sammlungen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien (ISBN 3-900275-67-X). A detailed listing of this important collection, with notes on Brunner von Wattenwyl and Redtenbacher. 72 pages, paperback A5.

Brock, P.D. 1999. The Amazing World of Stick and Leaf-Insects. AES (ISBN 0 900054 63 8). A comprehensive guide to everything you want to know about stick and leaf-insects, suitable for beginners and ideal for specialists. Covers a wide range of subjects including fascinating facts, life history and development, collecting, breeding, preserving, taxonomic studies, notes on species from around the world and fossils. 182 pages with numerous figures/black and white plates + 40 pages of colour plates. Hardback A5.

Brock, P.D. 1999. Stick and Leaf Insects of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Malaysian Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur (ISBN 983-9681-16-8). A comprehensive text with keys to genera/species and numerous figures. This book is suitable for beginners, taxonomists, collectors and rearers. Paperback, 250mm x 185mm - attractive colour cover of Heteropteryx dilatata; 222 pages, including 10 pages of colour plates.

Brock, P.D. 2000. A Complete Guide to Breeding Stick and Leaf-Insects. TFH Kingdom, Havant. This book has comprehensive notes on 11 commonly reared species, numerous colour photographs of these and other species. Suitable for the beginner or more experienced rearer. 64 pages, hardback.

Brock, P.D. 2003. Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf Insects. AES (ISBN 0 900054 68 9). A low cost guide for the beginner or more experienced rearer, with detailed notes on 22 species widely bred in captivity and brief notes on many other species. 80+ pages with 29 figures, 8 colour and 14 black and white plates. Paperback A5. [Replaces older versions by Brock published in 1985 ‘The Phasmid Rearer’s Handbook’ and 1992 1st Edition of ‘Rearing and Studying Stick and Leaf Insects’.]

Brock, P.D. & J. Hasenpusch 2009. The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia. CSIRO Publishing (ISBN 9780643094185). This reasonably priced book has 204 pages, with numerous colour illustrations of these understudied insects. Wherever possible, eggs are also figured. Suitable for any level of knowledge. Paperback A5, part of a series of entomological field guides.

Otte, D. & Brock, P. D. 2005. Phasmida Species File: Catalog of stick and leaf insects of the world. Second Edition. The Insect Diversity Association and the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. (ISBN 1929014082). A synonymic catalog of species, essential for researchers. 414 pages, spiral bound [replaces a CD issued in 2003 (First Edition)]. The website (author: Paul Brock) is the most up to date source on phasmid names and include pictures of taxa, full references and updates which were received too late to be included in Otte & Brock 2005. Ideal to refer to alongside this book / view images of types.

Also monographs such as these:

Brock, P.D. & J. Hasenpusch 2007. Studies on the Australian stick insects (Phasmida), including a checklist of species and bibliography. Zootaxa 1570. Monograph, various taxonomic changes.