Phasmids of Borneo

Phasmids of Borneo by Phil Bragg - cover
Year of Publication 2001
Authors Bragg, PE
Number of Pages 772
Publisher Natural History Publications (Borneo)
City Kota Kinabalu
ISBN Number 983-812-027-8


Over 300 species of stick insects are known from Borneo, 48 of these are species which the author has described. The new taxa described here for the first time include one family, one tribe, five genera, two subgenera, and 31 species.  Full synonymies are given for all species.

Apart from species in the Necrosciinae, most type specimens have been examined and the species redescribed in detail with new records, distribution maps and illustrations. New synonyms have been established and most previously published synonyms have been checked. Many species are described from both sexes for the first time and the eggs of many species are described. A major revision of the Bornean Heteropteryginae, first published by Bragg in 1998 is reproduced here. A review of the Pseudophasmatidae, with the examination of over 70 species worldwide has resulted in a new family, Aschiphasmatidae, being established.

Some museum material has been used, but the author collected much of the material during a total of six months spent in Borneo; additional specimens have been reared. Techniques of collecting and preserving phasmids are discussed, and various details of phasmid ecology and behaviour are recorded.  Captive-rearing played an important role in establishing synonyms and intraspecific variation, and in confirming some species as new.

Wing venation and egg structure are used for the first time above the species level. Acanthotaxy proposed by previous authors for use with Obrimini has been adapted and expanded for use with other taxa. The structure of cerci is used as a taxonomic feature to distinguish both species and genera in Aschiphasmatidae.

An extensive literature search led to the development of the Phasmid Database, a computer database of all world species: the contents of this database are outlined and an annotated checklist of type species for all genera included.


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