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PSG 331 Dares philippinensis

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Foodplants This species will usually eat: Bramble, Hawthorne, Pyracantha, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Oak
Cage Requirements
  • Cage should be at least 13 cm tall
  • Should be partially enclosed, such as one full side of mesh and the rest non-perforated plastic or glass.
  • Room temperature
Reproduction In this species, both males and females exist and they reproduce sexually, by mating, where the male transfers sperm to the female, which she uses to fertilise her eggs (ova).
Ova This species likes to bury their ova (eggs) and so you'll need to provide some small pots of substrate for them to lay into. Suitable substrates might be dry sand or vermiculite.
Ova Incubation Period 3-5 months. Ova are left under bark on cage of floor. It is best to leave them in situ.
Ova Success Rate
Months to Maturity Females mature in 12 months. Males mature in 10 months.
Lifespan Females can live up to five years
Notes Keep in glass or plastic cages with a mesh lid. Cover part of mesh with plastic or glass to maintain higher humidity. Use slightly moist coco fibre as a substrate aprox 5cm deep. Lay flat pieces of bark on top for them to hide under. Mist every couple of days, and keep the bedding from drying out.Nymphs will often hide in the curled edge of a drying leaf when it comes to food changing day so be sure to check. Adults stay hidden under bark on the cage floor. The cage for these can be decorated nicely, including live plants. Some keep woodlice in the cage to help keep the substrate clean.
Difficulty Rating*
Any Warnings*

* Please note the warnings and difficulty rating are intended as an indicator only. The warnings are not an exhaustive list and other potentially dangerous behaviour may be exhibited by phasmids that is not listed here. Phasmids are wild creatures and should be treated with respect and handled with caution. Adults should always supervise children when handling phasmids.

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