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The History of the Phasmid Study Group Newsletter


Anyone may contribute to the PSG Newsletter, you don't have to be a PSG member! Click here to learn how to submit an article for our newsletter. Members can also download all previous issues of the newsletter.

The Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Phasmid Study Group was originally the sole publication of the group. However, in 1991 it was decided that the editorial burden was too great for the volunteer editor(s) and the publication was split into two. The Newsletter continued to be published quarterly, but the longer and more in-depth articles were published bi-annually in the journal Phasmid Studies.

The Newsletter has always been in A4 format, but the styles of binding and logos have changed as follows:

Issues Logo Binding
1-33 Sipyloidea sipylus Stapled A4 sheets, no cover
34-77 Extatosoma tiaratum Stapled A4 sheets, no cover
78-92 Extatosoma tiaratum Stapled A4 sheets, card cover
93 Extatosoma tiaratum Stapled A4 sheets, no cover, colour printing on first page
94-95 Extatosoma tiaratum Stapled A4 sheets, no cover, first page on green paper
96-104 Extatosoma tiaratum Stapled A4 sheets, no cover, colour printing on first page
105+ Extatosoma tiaratum Folio. Colour printing on the outer sheet.


Margins, particularly in the very early Newsletters, were very small or absent, making it impossible to have them properly bound. Small margins continued to be a problem while the Newsletter was produced on a typewriter. A computer has been used since issue 50 so margins have been more controlled. However, even as recently as 2004 some margins were only 4mm in size, again making binding impracticable.


Dates Editor
2012 - Present Mike Smith (127+)
2007 - 2011 Edward Baker (109-126)
2001 - 2006 Mike Smith (87-108)
1992 - 2001 Paul Taylor (50-86)
1984 - 1991 Frances Holloway and Michael Lazenby (20-49)
1980 - 1983 Tony James (1-15)

Guest Editors

Issue Guest Editor
Issue 19 (May 1984) David Robinson
Issue 18 (March 1984) Paul D. Brock
Issue 17 (December 1983) Peter C. Curry
Issue 16 (September 1983) Judith Marshall


The first index appeared at the end of Newsletter 21. Supplementary indexes appeared in Newsletters 29 and 37. Comprehensive indexes have been produced by Sellick for Issues 1-90. Indexes to later issues are being compiled at present and being made available on this website.

Back Catalogue

All published editions of the Phasmid Study Group newsletter have now been digitised and are available here to view or download from the PSG website.


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