Species Named After PSG Members

Compiled by Phil Bragg & Judith Marshall

About 441 species of phasmids have been named after men, and 42 after women (data from The Phasmid Database, 2007). Species named after men end in i or ii; those named after women end in ae.

Since the formation of the PSG in 1980, 65 species have been named after members of the Group.

Species named after PSG Members 1

These two display cases of insects from Phil Bragg's personal collection show 18 of the species that have been named after PSG members. A full list of species named after members is given below.

Species named after PSG Members 2

List of phasmids named after PSG members (species in alphabetical order, then in chronological sequence).


Hoploclonia abercrombiei Bragg, 1995 – Named after Ian Abercrombie.

Calvisia (Nigracalvisia) abercrombiei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Ian Abercrombie.

Calvisia (Viridicalvisia) bakeri Seow-Choen, 2017- Named after Ed Baker.

Ramulus braggi Hennemann, 2002 – Named after Phil Bragg.

Acacus braggi Hennemann & Conle, 2003 – Named after Phil Bragg.

Dinophasma braggi (Zompro, 2004) – Named after Phil Bragg.

Maculonecroscia braggi Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Phil Bragg.

Alienobostra brocki (Hausleithner, 1987) – Named after Paul Brock.

Planososibia brocki (Seow-Choen, 2000) - Named after Paul Brock.

Megacrania brocki Hsiung, 2003 - Named after Paul Brock.

Brockphasma Ho, Liu, Bresseel & Constant, 2014 - Named after Paul Brock.

Asceles brocki Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Paul Brock.

Lamachodes brocki Ho, 2018 - Named after Paul Brock.  

Lonchodes bushelli Bragg, 2005 – Named after Mark Bushell.

Neoclides buescheri Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Thies Büscher.

Extatosoma carlbergi Beccaloni, 1993 – Named after Ulf Carlberg.

Carausius chani (Hausleithner, 1991) – Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Dajaca chani Seow-Choen, 1998 – Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Diesbachia chani Bragg, 2001 – Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Phobaeticus chani Bragg, 2008 [changed to Sadyattes, Seow-Choen, 2017] - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Calvisia (Viridocalvisia) chani Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Genus Channia Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Chew Lun Chan.

Achrioptera punctipes cliquennoisi Hennemann & Conle, 2004 - Named after Nicolas Cliquennois.

Ophicrania conlei Gottardo, 2011- Named after Oskar Conle.

Orthonecroscia conlei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Oskar Conle.

Loxopsis delfossei Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Emmanuel Delfosse.

Calvisia (Nigracalvisia) fordae Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Natalie Ford.

Clonaria fritzschei (Zompro, 2000) – Named after Ingo Fritzsche.

Rhamphosipyloidea gorkomi (Hausleithner, 1990) – Named after Eric & Johan van Gorkom.

Phyllium groesseri Zompro, 1998 – Named after Detlef Größer.

Staelonchodes harmani (Bragg & Chan, 1993) – Named after Allan Harman.

Ommatopseudes harmani (Brock, 1995) – Named after Allan Harman.

Thaumatobactron harmani Hennemann & Conle, 1998 – Named after Allan Harman.

Maculonecroscia harmani Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Allan Harman.

Phyllium (Pulchriphyllium) hausleithneri Brock, 1999 – Named after Berghard Hausleithner.

Oreophoetophasma hennemanni Zompro, 2002 – Named after Frank Hennemann.

Hennobrimus hennemanni Conle, 2006 (now Mearnsiana bullosa Rehn & Rehn, 1939) - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Calvisia (Punctatocalvisia) hennemanni Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Genus Hennemannia Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Frank Hennemann.

Lonchodes hosei herberti Bragg, 2001 (now a synonym of Lonchodes cultratolobatus (Brunner, 1907)) - Named after Mel Herbert.

Tirachoidea herberti Hennemann & Conle, 2008 - Named after Mel Herbert.

Phaenopharos herwaardeni Hennemann, Conle & Brückner, 1996 – Named after Heinz van Herwaarden.

Phryganistria heusii heusii (Hennemann & Conle, 1997) – Named after Peter Heusi.

Spinodares jenningsi Bragg, 1998 – Named after Paul Jennings.

Decidia kneubuehleri Conle, Hennemann & Gutiérrez, 2011- Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Asceles kneubuehleri Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Calvisia (Calvisia) kneubuehleri Bresseel & Constant, 2017 - Named after Bruno Kneubühler.

Neonescicroa tatianaae Seow-Choen, 2017 - Named after Tatiana Kompantseva.

Lonchodes malleti Bragg, 2001 – Named after Serge Mallet.

Presbistus marshallae Bragg, 2001- Named after Judith Marshall.

Caledonia marshallae Zompro, 2001-Named after Judith Marshall.

Monticomorpha marshallae Conle & Hennemann, 2002 - Named after Judith Marshall.

Apterograeffea marshallae Cliquennois & Brock, 2002 - Named after Judith Marshall.

Neoclides marshallae Seow-Choen, 2016 – Named after Judith Marshall.

Olcyphides rabaeyae Conle, Hennemann & Gutierrez, 2011 - Named after Kristien Rabaey.

Galactea imponens rabaeyae Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Kristien Rabaey.

Nuichua rabaeyae Bresseel & Constant, 2018 - Named after Kristien Rabaey.

Megacrania rentzi Hsiung, 2002 - Named after David Rentz.

Onchestus rentzi Brock & Hasenpusch, 2006 - Named after David Rentz.

Sipyloidea rentzi Brock & Hasenpusch, 2007 - Named after David Rentz.

Nanophyllium rentzi Brock & Grösser, 2008 - Named after David Rentz.

Loxopsis seowi Brock, 1999 – Named after Francis Seow-Choen.

Parastheneboea yehi Brock, 1999 – Named after Michael K.P. Yeh.

Dares ziegleri Zompro & Fritzsche, 1999 – Named after Ulrich Ziegler.

Parapachymorpha zomproi Fritzsche & Gitsaga, 2000 – Named after Oliver Zompro.

Phyllium (Phyllium) zomproi Größer, 2001 – Named after Oliver Zompro.

Necroscia zomproi Seow-Choen, 2016 - Named after Oliver Zompro.

Neooxyartes zomproi Ho, 2018 - Named after Oliver Zompro.

Also: named after Jack Hasenpusch, though not a member - Nanophyllium hasenpuschi Brock & Grösser, 2008

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