Phasmid Care Sheets

The Phasmid Study Group ("PSG") is an international community passionate about keeping, rearing and studying phasmids (also known as "stick insects" and "leaf insects" or, in the USA, "walking sticks"). Our website contains extensive general information about these fascinating creatures, with in-depth information available for all species successfully breed in the UK.

Finding the Phasmid Care Information you want

New to phasmids?

Check out our Introduction to Stick and Leaf Insects.

After a Basic Care Sheet?

Try our basic Looking After Stick Insects guide

Looking for Species Care Sheets?

Select the species you are looking for on our PSG Culture List, then click on it's name for further information and also a link to it's care sheet. If you already know the PSG number of the species you want a care sheet for, just add the number to the end of this web address:


Want to Submit Care Info for a Species?

If you're successfuly breeding a species and our Species Care Sheet has some data missing, we would love you to submit information to fill in the blanks! Submit Species Care Info here. The data won't show on the care sheet immediately as it need sto be manually checked, but we'll get it loaded as soon as we can.