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PSG 195 Sungaya inexpectata

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Foodplants This species will usually eat: Bramble, Hawthorn, Chestnut, Raspberry, English ivy, Beech
Cage Requirements
  • Cage should be at least 24 cm tall
  • Room temperature
Misting Spray cage lightly every other day with fine mist of water - just enough for the insects to have a drink and this also helps to keep the humidity up.
Reproduction This species is female-only and reproduction is by females laying viable eggs (ova) without the need for fertilisation. This process is called "parthenogenesis".
Ova This species likes to bury their ova (eggs) and so you'll need to provide some small pots of substrate for them to lay into. Suitable substrates might be dry sand or vermiculite.
Ova Incubation Period 4-6 months
Ova Success Rate
Months to Maturity
Notes Ova are deposited several cm below soil surface. Provide a dish with several cm of fine sand for oviposition, though they won't always use it. Older cultures don't always bury the ova, leaving them in piles on the surface of the laying medium, or, in the corners of the cage. Ova can be kept at room temperature. Place on paper towel with dry forest moss over top. Be mindful of mould growth and replace paper towel regularly. They appreciate having slabs of bark hanging against a side of the cage for them to hang out on and in between. The bark also helps with displaying them as it shows off just how great and varied their camouflage is.
Difficulty Rating* Easy
Any Warnings*

* Please note the warnings and difficulty rating are intended as an indicator only. The warnings are not an exhaustive list and other potentially dangerous behaviour may be exhibited by phasmids that is not listed here. Phasmids are wild creatures and should be treated with respect and handled with caution. Adults should always supervise children when handling phasmids.

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